Pokemon: Team Medley
Lack of updates / Blog by RioBlitzle
June 4th, 2018, 7:35 am
As a sort of apology for lack of updates and a commemoration of me nearing 100+ fans, I've decided to open a blog for Team Medley, which functions as an askblog, and will hold information about activity, and even extra content. I know I held a poll and an overwhelming majority wanted cameos over a blog, but they're going to take a while- I don't really have much scenes I could feature cameos in until about Chapter 4, and you've seen how long it's taking me to get through Chapter 1. I still intend on doing the cameos but they could even take years for me to get around to, so I'm opening the blog anyways.

Characters who have been introduced in-comic are available for asks on the blog (characters who have been mentioned but not introduced e.g Paige will not be available). I will not answer anything potentially spoiler-y, obviously. Blog is semi-canon (often canon information but the characters are not canonically answering these, if that makes any sense?). Questions not addressed to a character will be assumed to be for me. Don't worry if you don't have a Tumblr account- you can still ask questions anonymously.

tl;dr- I've opened a comic blog to make up for the lack of updates and how late the cameos will appear, I don't know when the next update is, please bear with me.