Pokemon: Team Medley

Team Medley


Gender: Female

Nature: Modest, Loves To Eat

Carnelian is the youngest member of Team Medley. She's good-natured and excitable but can be distrustful around strangers. Prefers to avoid conflict, and will look for a peaceful outcome to most situations.


Gender: Female

Nature: Quiet, Likes To Relax

Cinder is usually level-headed, reserved and prefers to think things over before taking action. She seems tougher and more stoic than she truly is. Loves sarcasm. Does a lot of the household task since she's the Team Medley member with "the closest thing to hands" if you discount the fact that Patrick knows Psychic.


Gender: Male

Nature: Bold, Somewhat Vain

Patrick 's generally in charge of taking care of situations that occur on the river and its banks. He doesn't really care what other pokemon think of him, and isn't afraid to speak his mind. He likes to be the centre of attention. Loves joking around.

Other Characters


Gender: Male

Nature: Rash, Quick to Flee

A thief who's been caught stealing assorted items in central Derenia. Somehwhat introverted and a poor decision-maker. Has a fondness for rocks and gems.


Gender: Female

Nature: Calm, Somewhat Vain